Wet Barrel Hydrant

Fire Hydrant

Wet Barrel Hydrant

Dry Barrel Hydrant

Reference: AWWA C502, NFPA 24, BS 336

Material: Ductile / Cast Iron/ Gunmetal/ C.S

Landing valve:Gate /Globe/…


Foam/Water monitor

Safetronic Monitors are provided according to requirement of project in variety type:

-Portable Monitor

-Fixed Monitor

-Oscillating Monitor

-Remote Control Monitor

Handel type Nozzle


-Handel type Nozzle

-Pistol type Nozzle

-Monitor Nozzle

Fire Box

Fire box

Fire Boxes in different size and variety proposes are manufactured by Safetronic company

Foam Trailers

Foam Trailer

Safetronic Foam Trailers are control for demanding applications

Mobile Foam

Mobile Foam

 This product is particularly effective in fighting ,in first intention, a source of fire, manufactured in 150 liter capacity


  • -Yellow Polyethylene Tank
  • -Hose
  • -Inductor (400 or 800 LPM)
  • -Pickup Tube
Post Valve

Post Valve

-Post Indicator Valve

-Post Plate

Fire Extinguisher


  • Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
  • CO2 Fire Extinguishers
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguisher
  • Class D Fire Extinguisher
  • Cabinet & Shelter for Extinguisher