Water System

Deluge Valve

Deluge Valve is used to control water flow

For water sprinkler or Foam system.


  • Pressure Control Deluge Valve
  • Hydronic Operated
  • Pneumatic Operated
Spray Nozzles

Safetronic water spray Nozzles are

in different  range:

  • Full Cone Spray Nozzle
  • Flat Nozzle
  • High Velocity spray nozzle
  • Revolving Nozzle
  • Curtain Nozzle

Foam System

Foam Dosing

Foam Dosing in a mechanical dosing system used for fire fighting

The circulation of the water solely drivers the motor-no other additional energy is required.

Foam Proporationing

Foam proportioning system is a crucial element of foam fix fighting system as it ensures the correct mixing ratio of foam concentrate to water.

Foam proportioning system consists of various products including foam bladder tank, foam Line inductor, foam ratio controllers and in line balancer pressure poroporationer


Safetronic chambers are ideal for protection of flammable liquid Storage Tanks

Safetronic foam pourer are used for protection of floating roof storage tanks

Water Sprinklers

Foam water sprinklers are air aspiring foam discharge outlets designed for use in foam water deluge system

Gas System


CO2 Fire Suppression System:

Carbon dioxide system attack all there vertical of the fire triangle offers a comprehensive range of gaseous agent five extinguishing system suitable for all kind of hazards and situations in commercial and industrial applications.


IG Fire Suppression System:

Inert gas (IG) is one of the representatives of the neutral extinguishing gases. Neutral gases have three characteristic features:

  • They exist naturally in the atmosphere, so they do not have negative impact on environment.
  • It is not electrically conductive.
  • they do not cause any pollution after discharge.
  • Inert gases due to thire advantages are used in protecting areas equipped by electronical and other energized devices, and at every place where valuable property is kept.